Things the Mother of the Bride Should Be

Obligations of Mother of the Bride

weddingThe mother of the bride is not just a mother during the wedding process. There are things that should be done in order to make her daughter feel good and relax for the upcoming event. The mother should be a helping hand and a supporter. It doesn’t matter if she will ask or not for a help, as a mother it is your obligation to guide her without being too tight.

Be her energy

Wedding preparation is a very stressful process. Brides can’t handle preparation by their self alone. As a mother it is your obligation to cheers and encouraged her to be positive. Listen but don’t argue. Argument will just make her feel bad and mad. If you think that there are some things that aren’t right you should speak with tender care. Explain why such thing is not right. Choose your words because it may affect her emotion. Don’t bring her down with unnecessary problems and avoid adding fire to the flames when things go wrong.

Be a Right Hand

Maybe the bridesmaid can do all the task but the support from the mother is far more different. It’s tru that mothers know best. It is important that you are there when shopping for dress, tasting food, picking flowers, and a lot more. Sometimes bridesmaid has their own obligations from their personal life therefore the best person to replace them during the wedding planning is the mother of the bride. But then again, don’t be too tight. Be fair with you reasoning if in case the daughter is not deciding well. As a mother you are not expected to run errands but you are required to give all the helps that you can give.

A Voice of Reason

The mother is the second conscious of the bride. She can tell if things don’t quite go to plan. Mothers are the voice of the brides. They know what you need. Therefore, if the bride is not available it is the mother who can speak in behalf of the bride. She can discuss things with the wedding vendors. She can pick the exact flower for the wedding. She can also decide whether or not the vendor is worth keeping.

Shoulder to Cry On

If all else fail, the mother should be the shoulder to cry on. Wedding planning and preparation is not an easy task therefore expect that the bride may exhaust and get too emotional. As a mother it is your obligation to comfort your daughter and uplifts her with encouraging words. During this time, your daughter needs a shoulder to cry on and not a dictator.

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