Detroit Beach Wedding Cakes and Toppers

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake2If you’re most likely going to have a beach theme wedding, you might want to incorporate everything including the wedding cakes in Detroit, MI.

Beach wedding are often choice during summer and for destination wedding. Often, this type of theme requires a lot of preparation particularly when it comes to cake. You need to choose the flavor of the cake, design, fondant and topper. This article will provide you some ideas of beach wedding cakes in Detroit, MI that can make your wedding reception memorable.

Marine Mad Life Desserts – You might want to consider putting or arranging a buffet table with dessert but this time you will be presenting various marine creatures. You can turn an ordinary table into a marine reserve sanctuary. Have chocolate, cakes, jell-o, sugar candies and a lot more that are molded into anemones, reef, seashells, jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, sting ray, whale, and a lot more. This will make your guests go crazy and will sharing this over social media which will make your wedding famous and unique. You can even have an aquarium tank loaded with marine life as your inspiration to your cake. Such cakes maybe expensive and laborious but think again the happiness that you will be sharing to your guests.

Surfing Cakes – if crashing the wave is your hobby then you could probably have a surfing theme wedding cake in Detroit, MI. You can have a white and blue cake to symbolize the sea and a topper which is the surfing board. You can add fluffy foaming waves made jell-o. Incorporating so much blue within the cake can help it appear more like the actual ocean. Some bakers may use airbrush to imitate the actual color and authentic ocean. Ask your baker if he could possible do it for your cake, or you may also add ring type of topper.. You don’t need a real water here probably a representation. You don’t need to put marine creature here hence you are just trying to emphasize the waves and surfing board.

Sea Shell Cakes – if you are one of those brides who find seashells attractive and romantic then this one is for you. You can have a massive pear clam for the base of the cake. Accentuate the wedding cake in Detroit, MI with pearls. This is perfect for formal beach wedding. The classic beauty of pearls is perfect for traditional wedding too. For a fun and fresh look you can have a cake decorated with brown sugar to imitate the beach sand while scattering some seashells with different sizes and colors. You can incorporate it with starfish and some sea grass. If you truly love the shells then you can have seashell cake. Some bakers are good in carving cakes. To minimize the design you can simply have clusters of shells around each tire.

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