White Gold VS Platinum Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

A Choice Between White Gold and Platinum

Platinum Engagement Rings
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‘What do you like, platinum or white gold?’, you will definitely be asked with this question by a jeweler if you go shopping for engagement rings in Houston, TX or looking for an elegant wedding ring. In addition to choosing a stone or gem, you need to decide on what type of metal to use for the band. The white gold and the platinum are two of the most popular choices.


There is no ‘pure white gold’ and if the jeweler tells you that rather go with platinum. The silvery white color is a result of mixing yellow gold with white metals like silver or nickel which can be considered as cheap engagement rings Houston TX. Over the years, you will notice your white gold ring to fade in yellow color. Platinum, in contrast, is a natural grayish white color and can only be sold if it is 90-95% platinum. It’s color will not fade unlike white gold, but its shiny finish will turn dull that will make the stone even more sparkly. Besides that, it is easy to restore its original patina. With engagement rings you can choose the color of the ring that you want.


The higher the karat of a diamond, the purer the gold content, but the metal is less durable. A 24k gold is at its purest but too soft for mounting jewelry, thus it must be alloyed with other metals to harden it. While platinum is a durable metal, stronger and heaver compared to gold. It is a reason why it comes in price. One good thing about platinum is its hypoallergenic feature, ideal for brides with allergy to nickel, which is usually one of the white metals mixed to white gold.


Platinum cost at least twice the price of an 18K white gold ring. It is also rarer than gold, so it really costs more. The precious metals are priced according to their weight. Since platinum is denser than white gold, it is understood why white gold band setting cost half as much as platinum band. The cost is top advantage of white gold than platinum, and ideal for men out there shopping for budget-friendly engagement rings in Houston, TX.

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Engagement Rings of the Future from Dallas, TX

Palladium: Little Brother of Platinum

ringWhen you’re searching for engagement rings in Dallas TX, nothing shouts “exquisite” than palladium rings. This kind of metal has been relentlessly developing in notoriety over present day couples. This unadulterated, light blue metal truly compliments any precious stones or valuable stone that is appended to it. Platinum and palladium metals are more unique than gold and its superior to silver. When you’re purchasing an engagement ring, you have to pick precisely on the grounds that this is an exceptionally exceptional and paramount experience.

The ring will dependably be kept by your loved one forever as an image of what began everything and your love. Engagement rings in Dallas TX arrive in a wide variety of distinctive metals that create the band,  and despite the fact that platinum is most likely the most elevated appraised one of every one of them palladium is to some degree the younger sibling of platinum and it imparts practically all the great qualities a platinum ring has. In case you’re investigating value palladium settles some place in the middle of gold and platinum so it’s a feasible value range for the individuals who are actually considering platinum however need to go less expensive.

Palladium has a silver-whitish color which puts on a show of being brilliant and clean. Unlike to white gold metals, palladium doesn’t have to be covered or plated to give a sparkling look to it. A few alloys utilized as a part of white gold can show off a white shade and is regularly plated with rhodium to make it shiny.

What’s great about palladium, it doesn’t respond with oxygen much the same as platinum. Which implies it won’t rust or lose its “shine”. When you need to put a great deal of unique designs into your engagement ring you may need to think about utilizing a ring made out of palladium.

Use this engagement ring when proposing to your fiance while enjoying a romantic dinner with delicious foods from your favorite caterer.

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Finding the Right Bridal Gold Jewelry for your Los Angeles, CA Wedding

Tips for Soon-to-be-Brides

bridal gold jewelryBridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA completes and upgrades a bride’s look; it gives the tremendously required appeal any bride would require on her big day! Discovering the right gems and metal jewelry can be a bother free errand and in the meantime can be an overwhelming one as well, so be mindful and somewhat inventive while selecting your own wedding bridal gold jewelry in Los Angeles, CA .

  •         Compatible Bridal Jewelry

One can wear compatible pieces organizing with other adornments and everytime parade an extremely one of a kind distinctive look. Be it customary or contemporary topic an impeccable exchangeable wedding adornment will draw out the bride’s identity in immaculate quintessence. These gems can be changed by inclination and draw out numerous distinctive hopes to compliment multi-events and occasions.

  •         Color and Work

It is just as vital to know the shade of your wedding outfit for the decision of your marriage adornments. Adornments that you pick ought to be either interestingly or coordinating with the complete wedding outfit. By and large we have a tendency to abstain from knowing the style, configuration, examples of the wedding outfit while going for gems however we ought to realize that these are the central point for choosing your marriage adornments. Color and design of the wedding clothing must be remembered before picking the marriage adornments.

  •         Plan and Pattern of the Wedding Gown

Every bride ought to attempt to know and research on sorts of adornments that would coordinate their wedding outfit outline and examples. Knowing distinctive gems stores, brands and gem specialists whose work you adore and appreciate and think their adornments will fit consummately with your wedding outfit and identity would be an awesome stride, as it is imperative to pick those pieces that is a piece of your identity.

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Best Diamond Grades for Los Angeles, CA Loose Diamonds for Wedding Rings

Diamond Grade Parameters

loose diamonds for weddingAs a general rule, the best AGS and GIA jewel grade parameters to stay with whether you are looking for loose diamonds for your wedding in Los Angeles, CA are:

  • Diamond Color:

GIA = D to I

AGS = Zero to 3.49

  • Diamond Clarity:

GIA = IF to SI2

AGS = Zero to 5

  • Diamond Cut:

GIA = Excellent to Good

AGS = Ideal to 4

Diamonds which go past these evaluations will have perceptible shading tints, lessened splendor and fire and outwardly clear incorporations. Jewels too which have low clarity evaluations might likewise have strength dangers because of internal gaps or splits.

For a few sorts of diamond design Los Angeles cuts, just the most noteworthy evaluation jewels are prescribed on the grounds that sure sorts of shapes – like emerald diamonds – can highlight even the smallest blemish. Different sorts of diamond cuts – including the splendid round – have somewhat more give and can really shroud little defects. But, even with diamond cuts that are all the more lenient it is still best to stay inside of the evaluation parameters recorded previously.

More Diamond Buying Tips

A lot of legitimate jewel retailers offer affirmed diamonds. Unless you are purchasing an object from olden times or previously owned ring created with a diamond that has not been ensured, there is no reason not to purchase a guaranteed jewel. GIA ensured Los Angeles diamond buyer, and those accessible through the three other suggested research labs, are generally accessible in a practically boundless choice of cuts, shapes and carat sizes.

If you are on a strict spending plan, a more moderate loose diamonds for your Los Angeles, CA wedding with a slight shading tint is a choice – the shading tint can be concealed or minimized if the jewel is set in a yellow gold ring.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Paying a Visit to San Diego, CA Wedding Jewelry Stores

Handy Tips for Brides Before Visiting a Jewelry Store

wedding jewelry storesThe best advice that a bride can learn from previous ones is to be you. As a bride, your main goal is to showcase your style even for once. The last thing that you need to worry about is forcing yourself to wear accessories that do not match your personality. Most of all, the accessories should be simple yet elegant.

Before you head out and visit wedding jewelry stores in San Diego, CA, here are the best tips to put in mind:

Revamping of heirloom accessories

Having a tight budget? Worry not because you can always make use of your mother’s accessories. In order to make those accessories look new, have it re-polished at the engagement ring store San Diego. Revamping your mom’s heirloom wedding ring is not bad at all especially if you both have the same taste when it comes to aesthetics.

Pick something that you love

If you are to wear a ring, it should be something that you can wear every day. One of the biggest mistakes most brides commit is choosing a delicate wedding ring, like the one with complex formation of diamonds and settings. Whether the ring had a solitaire diamond or not, for as long as it is wearable in a daily basis, it is good to go.

Considering hairstyle and face symmetry

Accessories will complete your overall look so they should match your hairstyle and face. If you have a hair down style, go for earrings that are also long and draping. For wedding hair bun, pick earrings with medium length. As much as possible, the accessories should match with the tone of the face, not overpower it.

If you need more advice, you can always drop by at the jewelry store in San Diego. Please make sure to list down your questions ahead of time to save time while on searching for an engagement ring store San Diego.

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Aspects to Consider in Getting San Diego, CA Loose Diamonds

How to Examine a Loose Diamond

According to experts, all natural diamonds are always different from each other unless it is synthetic. Before you cash out for the chosen loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA, it is important that you have a deep understanding about the four major elements that define a diamond.

loose diamonds for weddingAs a customer, it is important that you are educated. They say that being educated with the purchase you are going to make will give you a chance to leverage your right. Here are the important factors in no particular order:

Cut: The beauty of a certain ring stone is always depending on its cut. When the stone is properly cut, its brilliance comes out. According to diamond exchange San Diego cutters, the facets of the stone should be cut in utmost precision in order to achieve right proportion.

Diamond’s cut will also determine the shape of the stone. In the market, you will to access different shapes, from round to fancy one. Overall, the cut grading of a diamond will depend on its ability to reflect light or refraction. Diamonds that are poorly cut do not reflect light that much so they appear dull and boring.

Color: Color is measured from D grading (highest) to Z grading (lowest). Please take note that the color that is being measured here it the lack thereof, not the presence of colors.  In short, the diamond’s color is graded through its ability to refract light, whiteness to dullness. On the other hand, the category of fancy colored diamonds is measured on different levels.

Clarity: All loose diamonds for wedding in San Diego, CA should be examined under this grading. An item that has no blemish and inclusion means it is expensive. On the other hand, the cost is being lowered if the item has many inclusions. You need to be careful when getting a diamond that has no clarity grading because there is a possibility that it has internal blemishes. For more info click here.

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Benefits of Getting Platinum San Diego, CA Wedding and Engagement Rings

Advantage of Wearing a Platinum Engagement Ring

engagement ringEvery couple has their own preference when it comes to wedding and engagement rings San Diego, CA. One of the main concerns is the metal type. If you are looking forward to getting a premium type of metal, the best option available in the market is platinum.

Here are the advantages of platinum engagement rings:

(1) Whiteness

If there is a metal that is intrinsically white, it is the platinum. White gold on the other hand needs another alloy coating, in the name of rhodium, in order to achieve total whiteness. In short platinum does not need to be mixed with other alloys; platinum grade with noticeable whiteness is in 900 to 950.

(2) Stronger and durable

Another advantage of this type of metal is its ability to withstand scratches. This type of metal is durable and does not become dull as time passes by. Unlike white gold and other type of metals, platinum does not need maintenance, like cleaning and polishing.

(3) Not allergic

Based on the study conducted by jewelers, platinum does cause allergy among the customers as compared to gold. If you are a hypoallergenic type of person, it means that you get redness, rashes, infection and swelling when wearing a certain type of metal. Most symptoms are pointing back to secondary type of metals like white gold and etc.

(4) Cost efficient

If you are after rings that will last long like those you can find from the official site, platinum is a good investment. For approximately $700 to $1000, you can be able to get one. Yes, it is more expensive than the usual diamond engagement rings San Diego but there is an assurance that it will last long even if the lifestyle of the wearer is dynamic. Platinum wedding and engagement rings San Diego, CA are indeed for long term partnerships.

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Choosing Jewelry in Houston, TX Wedding Stores for Your Special Day

Perfect Wedding Jewelries

wedding jewelryMany brides think that jewelries are not important during the wedding day in fact they are considered as an afterthought rather than priority. Jewelries help you to enhance the beauty of your wedding dress and make you feel fantastic and confident all day long. These sparkling accessories don’t need to be expensive. There are lots of wedding jewelry stores in Houston that offer jewelries that may cater your budget. Choosing the right options and solutions are the key to your problem.

Surprisingly there are best jewelry store in Houston that offer rental. If you want to have a luxurious jewelries that only high-class people can afford you may want to consider jewelry rental. You don’t need to be Cinderella with fairy-godmother to have all the luxurious things in your wedding day, jewelry rental stores will do the work. However, you need to be very careful with the pieces that you are going to borrow because they might charge you extra dollars if in case you lost or damage the jewelry.

Another way for you to save couple of dollars when purchasing jewelries in wedding jewelry stores in Houston, TX is to purchase something that you like. Never mind the diamond that drips around your neckline and ears what is important is to have the jewelry that you like. Choose something that you can use in your daily life even when going to public places. This is such a good investment because you can wear them time and time again.

One of the best jewelries that you can have is the vintage ring. The classiness of these jewelries is very popular not only to traditional brides but also those women who are fashion conscious. Vintage jewelries is considered as one of the most expensive type of jewelries in the market however you can have them during your wedding without spending too much. If your family own such type of jewelries you can borrow them for “something borrowed” for the wedding. Though you can’t keep them forever but you will get the chance to wear them in your very special day. The best source for vintage items is your grandma, so if you are in tight budget she might answer your problems. Vintage jewelries are also perfect for contemporary bridal dresses.

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