Detroit Beach Wedding Cakes and Toppers

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake2If you’re most likely going to have a beach theme wedding, you might want to incorporate everything including the wedding cakes in Detroit, MI.

Beach wedding are often choice during summer and for destination wedding. Often, this type of theme requires a lot of preparation particularly when it comes to cake. You need to choose the flavor of the cake, design, fondant and topper. This article will provide you some ideas of beach wedding cakes in Detroit, MI that can make your wedding reception memorable.

Marine Mad Life Desserts – You might want to consider putting or arranging a buffet table with dessert but this time you will be presenting various marine creatures. You can turn an ordinary table into a marine reserve sanctuary. Have chocolate, cakes, jell-o, sugar candies and a lot more that are molded into anemones, reef, seashells, jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, sting ray, whale, and a lot more. This will make your guests go crazy and will sharing this over social media which will make your wedding famous and unique. You can even have an aquarium tank loaded with marine life as your inspiration to your cake. Such cakes maybe expensive and laborious but think again the happiness that you will be sharing to your guests.

Surfing Cakes – if crashing the wave is your hobby then you could probably have a surfing theme wedding cake in Detroit, MI. You can have a white and blue cake to symbolize the sea and a topper which is the surfing board. You can add fluffy foaming waves made jell-o. Incorporating so much blue within the cake can help it appear more like the actual ocean. Some bakers may use airbrush to imitate the actual color and authentic ocean. Ask your baker if he could possible do it for your cake, or you may also add ring type of topper.. You don’t need a real water here probably a representation. You don’t need to put marine creature here hence you are just trying to emphasize the waves and surfing board.

Sea Shell Cakes – if you are one of those brides who find seashells attractive and romantic then this one is for you. You can have a massive pear clam for the base of the cake. Accentuate the wedding cake in Detroit, MI with pearls. This is perfect for formal beach wedding. The classic beauty of pearls is perfect for traditional wedding too. For a fun and fresh look you can have a cake decorated with brown sugar to imitate the beach sand while scattering some seashells with different sizes and colors. You can incorporate it with starfish and some sea grass. If you truly love the shells then you can have seashell cake. Some bakers are good in carving cakes. To minimize the design you can simply have clusters of shells around each tire.

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Tip Top Wedding Cakes for Your Houston, TX Special Event

Consider These When Ordering a Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake5Discovering great wedding cakes in Houston, TX can be somewhat intense, keeping in mind the end goal to locate a decent cake, you have to locate a decent pastry specialist. Here are some useful tips to guide you along the way. Constantly go for an uncommonly created cake as opposed to a photo from pinterest. Exceptionally created cakes are more individual, more you, your associate and your enormous day!

Most weddings these days are themed and the cake is a bit of that subject. Things like the wedding welcome, table setup, hall change, thus on are delineated after a particular thought and those are the things you ought to be giving to your cake decorator to rouse them. It’s moreover a brilliant thought to get your cake decorator together with your wedding coordinator so they can have the same vision.

Your cake decorator should have the ability to draw a representation of your framework which offers you some help with getting a visual of the last thing. You can use it as a sort of point of view and requesting changes, things included or things evacuated. Approach your baked good pro for a taste testing session, a couple bread cooks offer it to no end, some charge you a little indicate deal with their costs. Regardless, acknowledging what you’re getting is key for your decision.

How might you exchange off on wedding cake flavors? (Case in point – He needs chocolate and you require vanilla) Multi-layered wedding cakes in Houston, TX make it possible to satisfy all tastes. In the event that you’re going for 3 levels for occasion you have the different option for do 3 exceptional flavors, thusly you offer your guests an arrangement. In the blink of an eye what do you do in case you had a humbler cake? Straightforward, pivoting layers or cream are the plan.

In the first place, you need to realize what number of guests you’re having, furthermore, what distinctive desserts are being served at the wedding. If the cake is the primary treat, then you need to give sustenance to a full bundle for each person. In case there are distinctive sweets, then the cake size is registered at half gap. There are standard cake size systems that are used to find out the amount of levels required and their sizes. Your cook should have the ability to help you with that.

Make sure you also bring samples or color swatches of colors you want your cake to be, if your skipping the traditional white then you may need to have a picture in mind of what you want, maybe a magazine cutout or a webpage showing the style and type of cake you want.

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Spanish Wedding Cookies in Houston, TX

Polvorón Wedding Cookies

wedding cookiesBasically, polvorón is a type of heavy, soft and very crumbly Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. This type of shortbread originally from Andalusia, Spain that is perfect for any wedding. This can be served as snack or wedding favors aside from this it could be perfect giveaways for the Christmas. Spanish wedding cookies in Houston, TX also known as polvorón is very easy to make. All you need is few ingredients that can be found in your kitchen and some not-so-expensive cooking utensils.


  •         Butter
  •         Powdered Sugar
  •         Vanilla
  •         Finely chopped toasted nuts (it can be almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, or walnuts)
  •         Flour

Here’s how:

  1.   To make Spanish wedding cookies in Houston, TX you need to preheat the oven first to 375 °F.
  2.   In a bowl, you need to cream the butter and the ¼ cup of sugar.
  3.   When blended together you need to add vanilla.
  4.   Then add the flour little by little and mix it using a food mixer or your hands. It is crucial that you wash your hand before doing Spanish wedding cookies in Houston, TX.
  5.   Grease the cookie sheet so that the dough will not stick and burned.
  6.   Roll small balls of cookie dough between your palms and flatten it. Then bake the cookies for 12-15 minutes.
  7.   Cool it down before rolling it in a powdered sugar.

Polvorones are common Christmas dessert in Spain however they make a perfect wedding dessert and favor especially if the theme of the wedding is Spanish. They can be wrapped in colorful plastic wraps. This type of dessert is no longer new in United States because in Texas region they have their own version of this shortbread called Pan de Polvo. In recent days there are options that you can use instead of butter some of this ingredients that are very common are lard, cow fat (tallow), as well as vegetarian polvorones and mantecados made with olive oil or corn oil.

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Add Flavor to the Traditional Wedding King Cakes in Houston, TX

How to Spice Up Traditional Wedding King Cakes        

Are you planning to serve king cakes on your wedding? King cakes are easy to bake and you will surely find many bakeries that can provide you with traditional wedding king cakes in Houston, TX. On the other hand, the traditional king cake is made of simple ingredients and the flavor is not that exciting. If you want, you can also add various ingredients in order to bake a delicious king cake that you and your guests can enjoy, more details here

wedding king cakesThrough the years, wedding king cakes in Houston, TX have evolved from being a simple cake to a more creative and delicious dessert. More and more couples are looking for this kind of cake to be served on their wedding day. If you want to be more creative, you can also add various ingredients to the traditional king cake to make it look more modern and suit the theme of your wedding day.

You can talk to your local baker about the ingredients and decorations that you will use for your cake. A trusted and experienced baker can be able to provide you with the best ideas that they have in mind. With some creativity, they can be able to design the ideal cake that you can serve to your guests.

You can add whatever kind of flavor that you like to your wedding king cake. As a matter of fact, there are bakeries that offer wedding king cakes in Houston, TX that are available in many flavors. You can choose whatever kind of flavor that you like. You can also have a layered king cake with different flavor each. Decorate your king cake with various toppings to make it look more appealing.

Rather than sticking to the traditional colors that are used in decorating king cakes which are purple, gold and green, you can add whatever color that you like. You can even top the cake with nuts, almonds, dried plums, flowers and fruits. By adding flavor to the king cake, you will provide your guests with a traditional dessert that is more attractive and flavorful that the guests will definitely enjoy.

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Mouthwatering and Stunning Wedding Pecan Pies in Houston TX

Head-turner Bridal Pecan Pies

Based from the survey conducted by Schwan’s Consumer Brands, the top three most favorite pies are apple, pumpkin and chocolate. But don’t you know that the list never ends with these three flavors. Yes, that is true! You can also feature peach, blueberry, key lime, pecan and cherry. But among these flavors, wedding pecan pies in Houston, TX carry has the most number of benefits. If you want to turn the tables and change your dessert, consider pecan pies as they are really easy to order or prepare.

Here are some of the stunning pie collections that you might want to consider:

Pecan PiePies with fluted round cutouts. If you will choose apple flavored pie, the best way to make it more attractive is with the use of circular and overlapping brisee. The layered effect on the crust exudes a yummy texture. The fluted top will surely draw the attention of the reception attendees.

Raisin pie from granny. Do you still remember how your granny’s pie tastes? If you want to relive this moment then why not serve it on your wedding reception. This is perfect to serve with an afternoon tea or simply add with ice-cream, specifically vanilla.

Blueberry pie. When it comes to sweetness, blueberries matched with pecan pies are really a perfect combination. The yummy and healthy goodness of the pie is endless if the flavor of these two ingredients commune. Top it off with sandy sugar. Pure classic like those pies that you can see in!

Fruit pecan pie. If fruits like blueberries, apple, strawberry, and etc are available in your area. Why not make it a fruit pecan pie. To make it more anticipatory, top the pie’s crust with crumbled cookies. Serve it with tea to neutralize the overloaded sweetness.

If you are still looking for wedding pecan pies in Houston, TX, consider the recommendations above. Search for their recipes or simply call the nearest baker. Then after finalizing everything, you can now settle with your wedding ring, venue, dress and souvenirs.

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