Indian Weddings Decorations Can bring Good Luck to Your Wedding Day

Indian wedding decorations that brings good luck

Indian weddings are not only elegant and luxurious but it is also filled gold in wedding ring, with colors and food that one would definitely enjoy.

It is very possible for couples to bring good luck into their wedding day with the use of Indian weddings decorations.

Covering hands – Covering the hands of the couples with a sacred cloth is a tradition to ward off evil eye and ill omen during the exchange of marriage vows.

Bracelets – One of the in demand Indian weddings decorations that is used are the bracelets. It is a common practice in Indian weddings for the bride to wear amulets, bracelets and bangles. A lot of brides are wearing Chunda which is a set of ivory and red bangles that is usually given by the maternal uncle to wear during the ceremony. It is said to bring good luck to the couple’s new home.

Elephants – In India, elephants are a symbol of good luck that is why it is also used as Indian weddings decorations. Elephants are being used in invitations or as a wedding favor. An elephant with a raised trunk is said to provide good wishes and luck during the wedding celebration.

Flowers – Flowers symbolizes regeneration and creation. In Indian weddings, gold and red flowers are vital since they bring happiness and good luck. Also, flowers are considered pure and they are used as offerings to spirits, gods and ancestors as well. Because of the color and symbolism, orchids, gerberas and marigolds are some of the flowers that are usually used in Indian weddings.

These are some of the Indian weddings decorations that you can incorporate in your wedding day. Not only will they bring good luck into your life but they also look great as wedding decorations. You and your guests will definitely enjoy your one of a kind Indian wedding ceremony.

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